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First Steps - (Pensions and Investments)

Why do I have to sign documents when I enquire about your services?

When you first ask us to look at your situation, we will ask you to sign some documents. These are our Initial Disclosure Document and our Privacy Notice.

The Initial Disclosure Document sets out what you can expect from us. It also details what we charge, how to raise a complaint, as well as what protection you will enjoy. The document makes clear to our clients what they are signing up for.

The Privacy Notice sets out what we will do with any information we gather about you. This document ensures that you understand and agree to how your data will be used.

What is a Risk Questionnaire and why do I have to complete one?

A risk questionnaire is a multiple-choice questionnaire asking hypothetical questions on how you might act in certain situations. It gauges what level of risk you might be comfortable with when it comes to money and investing.

Investing in all forms involves some form of risk, even cash! It helps us determine the investment approach that aligns with your preferences. Along with factors such as your capacity for loss and time horizon, the questionnaire forms the basis for investing your money.

Why do I have to provide you with lots of information about me?

If we don’t understand you and your situation, we might recommend a product or investment to you that isn’t appropriate. To avoid this situation, we gather as much information about you as possible. Regulations state that we need to take steps to undertand our clients under "Know Your Customer".

What we really want to know is:

  • What do you have (assets, pensions, protection policies)?
  • What do you owe (loans, mortgages)?
  • What is your income (income, interest, dividends, pensions, annuities)?
  • What are your outgoings (bills, spending)?
  • What are your needs and objectives, financially and in life?

What are the letters I have to sign for my existing pensions?

Pensions are complex. There are many different schemes that offer different benefits with different investments and different charges. This isn’t always clear from what they send to their clients. We ask you to sign letters that give us permission to ask your existing pension providers to let us look under the bonnet, so to speak.

What will it cost?

We won’t charge you anything unless we manage any investments for you. If we don’t think you will benefit from our help then we’ll let you know and there is no charge. If we feel you could benefit from our service, then we will charge 0.50% on any investment that we manage for you.