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Goodwill Financial Services- Helping Our Clients Gain Peace of Mind Since 1991

This isn't a website with all the cliches about how we're different and unique amongst all the other financial planning businesses out there*. The truth is that financial planning firms offer similar services. There are only so many products available, and we all have access to much the same tools. The people are what make any financial planning experience unique. 

We don't take ourselves too seriously, but the work we do for our clients we take extremely seriously. Our ethos is all about offering the best possible advice we can, giving our clients peace of mind whilst providing excellent value. We don't operate from expensive city centre offices that our clients are paying extra for. We select our investments and providers based on offering good value to the end client. We have adopted electronic tools to help remove paper and postage from our processes. We continue to look for new ways to become more efficient and cost effective.

We don't believe in paying more for something if it doesn't give back more in return. "A penny spared is twice got" or "a penny saved is a penny earned". Nobody seems to agree on who said this first. Whoever said it, and whenever it was said, the idea of not paying out unnecessarily is as true now as it was then! 

You've probably visited our site because you want to find out more about Goodwill Financial Services. Who are we and how can we help you? It can be daunting to be presented with a list of services on offer when you don't know what service it is that you need.

Perhaps you want to invest some money or start saving for retirement. Do you look at investments or is it pensions? Our job is to work out what is relevant and appropriate for you, help you to decide on a plan, and stick with it. The only thing we will ask you to do is tell us about you and your circumstances then let us take care of you.

We recommend you start by looking at the “About You” section to get an idea of what we can offer you. You can also call us and talk through your situation, and we can let you know if we can be of assistance.

*at least we hope not!