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Savings & Investments

Saving and investing can cover a whole host of different things. It could be starting a family, buying your first home, making the most of an inheritance or saving for retirement.

Savings normally refers to cash savings. This is short-term saving with little risk that allows you to have money when you need it.

Investing is a form of saving that is medium to long-term. This refers to investing money into different products that offer exposure to stocks, shares, property, and bonds (company and government debt). The value of the investments will go down, but we also expect it to go up more than cash over the long-term.

Our task is to work with you to establish what you want your money to do for you and how best to achieve this.

Past performance is not a guide to future performance.Changes in the exchange rate will affect the sterling value of your investment. The value of investments (including property) and the income derived from them may go down as well as up. 

Savings and Investment In Depth

We’ve listed a number of savings and investment questions under our About You section. All our clients will have shared one or more of these challenges before they approached us to help. We look to take away these concerns for you. We simplify the investment process and administration. We consider the tax advantages and disadvantages of…

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